Safety and Security

Club Eclipse is taking exceptional measures to ensure the safety and security of those who frequent the establishment. In addition to the dress code and club rules, the following safety measures will be in place.

Outside of the location

  • Plenty of outdoor lighting both on the facade of the building as well as the parking lot area
  • Signage indicating the location is being monitored, posting of unacceptable rules and establishment requirements and posted Drug Free Zone
  • Professional DCJS Security personnel managing the entrance of the establishment, and patrolling the exterior perimeter of the building, parking lot and adjacent sidewalks
  • Security CCTV cameras and video recording system to capture any form of crime or incidents

Interior of the location

  • Professional DCJS Security personnel patrolling the interior of the establishment
  • Walk through metal detectors & wands for scanning all patrons before they enter the locality
  • Identification required for all those entering the business (driver’s license, student ID or equivalent)
  • Membership VIP Cards for those registered and verified parent approved curfew waivers
  • Cell phone or email required for those 17 and under for texting & emailing parents or guardians when their teen has entered the establishment
  • Security CCTV cameras and video recording system to monitor activities
  • Signage reiterating the premises are monitored, club rules and establishment Drug Free Zone
  • Open floor plan and lighting to deter unacceptable behavior
  • Employee training on clubs rules, identifying potential issues and ensuring a safe, fun, and drug free environment
  • One strike rule for any patron that violates the business club rules which may result in being banned from the establishment
  • Local law enforcement agencies may visit the premises for occasional drug searches

Age Limits

Club Eclipse will be an under 21 locality. Minimum will be 15 years of age. Under no circumstances will anyone over the age of 20 be allowed on the premises during regular business hours other than employees of the business and security officials/law enforcement. Minors 17 and under will be required to leave the premises by 11:00pm Sunday – Thursday and by 12:00PM Friday & Saturday in adherence with Juvenile Ordinance 16-3, Code of Prince William County, Virginia unless they have a parent waiver approving to stay past curfew.