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Comedy Show Guidelines

1.) All ticket purchases must be made online at the Club Eclipse website.  No ticket sales at the door.  Only on the rare occasion the event has not sold out, will we offer sales at the door and only on the evening of the event.  Direct link to purchase tickets is here:

2.) A maximum of 200 tickets will be sold.  Once sales reach 200 the link will be disabled and “Sold Out” will be displayed.  No additional tickets will be sold.

3.) All employees not working the evening of the event who would like to attend must purchase tickets online just like our customers.  There are no discounts or preferred seating for employees.

4.) All patrons will be seated by the Club Eclipse hostess.  No self-seating allowed.

5.) If you are attending as a group, and have more than 4 in attendance, you must call the club, at (571) 222-7221, at time of purchasing to be placed together.  If you are not on a group attendance list, there is no guarantee you will be seated together.

6.) There will be no ordering or serving from the bar on comedy show nights.  All orders will be taken by a waitress who will also serve patrons at their table.  The bar will be closed during the Comedy show, and open back up after the show has concluded.

7.) VIP sections cost $200 per section (group of 5) and can be purchased over the phone at (571) 222-7221 or at the club itself prior to the event. VIP comes with (2) bottles of wine or champagne.  Comedy show tickets must be purchased online in addition to VIP seating.  Please call the club first to see if the VIP sections are available, as they sell out quickly.

8.) Priority seating will be determined based on time of purchase.  If you buy a ticket on the day of the event, you will likely be seated where available seating remains.  Our tables generally seat 6-7 patron,s and as such you will be seated with other patrons unless you are part of a large group and on the group attendance list.

9.) Cell phones are to be turned off during the show.  No talking please… if you are asked more than once to please be quite, you will be asked to leave.

10.) Eclipse will have a modified menu for comedy show events.  The kitchen will stop taking food orders at 8:30 PM.  Orders will be taken by sections to minimize over taxing the kitchen.  We will make every effort to get your meals out in a timely fashion, but please remember everyone in attendance is ordering as well.  It is advised if you want time for dinner, come early like 6 – 7PM.

11.) The minimum age to attend a show is 18 years of age.